ART matters

ART is literally everywhere, at home, at work, in hotels, in the streets, and in subways. ART cannot be escaped and when done right it can do a whole lot than just look good. great ART inspires enthusiasms, relieves stress, encourages creativity and more importantly creates lasting impressions.


Mystic / Visionary ART
canvas ART



every wall is unique. wall ART creates great first impressions, attracts people to the destination, inspires fun and enthusiasms to everyone who passes by.






















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professional toronto based artist focusing on mystic art, visionary art, murals, graffiti, and canvasses using primarily aerosol spray paint as a medium. since the beginning of my career the emphasis was put on lettering and characters, while progression took place toward portraits that incorporate vibrant abstract, geometric, and psychedelic elements to portray depth in every art project. my goal is to beautify the world using ART, and to share my work with you by adding value and beauty to your business, home, or neighborhood.

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Professional Artist